Saturday, August 20, 2022

Fake Palms unveil sonic post-punk banger ‘Civil Liberties’

Fake Palms is the project of one-man band Michael le Riche, who has followed up his previous release ‘Visions’ with another solid track in anticipation of his third album ‘Lemons’ dropping on September 16th.

Often playing in Toronto, Fake Palms will be releasing their next album after a 5 year full length LP drought, with the last, ‘Pure Mind’, released in 2017.

Lyrically, this song conveys how if there is unrest or a deep rooted issue, it can only be ignored or suppressed by acting normally for so long… eventually the egg is going to crack. Very fitting of its title, which would bode well as a title of an Orwell novel.

Filled with fizzing guitars, velvety bass lines and a steady, commanding drum beat, this is all you want from a post-punk track and more. Le Riche’s stunning vocals blend effortlessly into the mix, not too overpowering and with the subtle hint of effects to make them pop that little more. Verses blend harmoniously into chorus and vice versa, creating a state of sonic stability where the listener can truly be immersed into the track. 

The bridge is where this changes however – a cascading guitar progression is layered with the commanding drums creating some sonic tension. The pace is decreased and the bass lines and guitar riffs change from the ones heard all throughout the track, urging us to listen closer to the lyrics spoken, going further down the rabbit hole. 

Don’t you ever tell me about the way you can’t erase your little mood / Now I’m not containing myself” sings le Riche, with a deep feeling that the song is about to unravel from its well-uniformed structure. 

Suddenly the tension is broken as the final chorus kicks in and carries the cut home, tying up this solid release, which only heightens the anticipation for the third album coming this autumn.

Dan Jones


Image: ‘Civil Liberties’ Official Single Cover 

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