Tuesday, August 02, 2022

ELLUR Exudes Nostalgia in Her New Single, ‘Close To You’

21-year-old singer/songwriter Ellur returns to the music scene following her ‘Moments’ EP back in 2021 with powerful new single ‘Close To You’, and its accompanying video. 

The indie-pop artist is known for her relatable, relationship-driven tunes, and ‘Close To You’, with its heartfelt lyrics yet catchy guitar riffs, is at once both emotional and empowering.

The single combines the challenges that come with rejection and unrequited love, and places them against an upbeat, dance-like musical accompaniment. Contrasting a slow, reflective introduction and first chorus with a second verse that builds into a danceable, groovy guitar anthem, Ellur proves her varied talents by encouraging both an emotional reflection and empowering independence, resulting in a track that is perfect for break-up and move-on playlists alike.

And the video only serves to heighten these sentiments. Against the backdrop of a kissing booth, helping the video to exude a kind of vintage, nostalgic feel that is fitting with the powerful nostalgia of the song itself, Ellur appears confident and independent as she demonstrates her natural ability for performance in the forefront. With its contrast between the calm and the chaos, the video is a perfect accompaniment for a single that is a striking accumulation of all the emotions (from vulnerability to vengeful) that derive from rejection.

Speaking about the single, Ellur said, “Close To You is a song about rejection and coping with it. I decided, last year, I wanted to write more songs that were about me and my relationship with myself. I think this process birthed some of my favourite lyrics I’ve ever written”. The single, then, seems to mark a new era for the rising star, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.


Isobel Reeves


Image: ‘Close To You’ Official Single Cover

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