Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Bleach Lab wants you to focus on the here and now with new release ‘Take It Slow’

Dream-pop band Bleach Lab are back with their first single of 2022 after the releases of two EPs in 2021. ‘Take It Slow’ is a dreamy song with the intention of taking the listener out of their headspace and encouraging people to live life day by day.

The track’s opening lyrics, “There is no option to rewind / Forget about the things you left behind / You don’t have to make it all make sense” instantly sets the overall theme lead singer, Jenna Kyle, wishes to convey to the audience: it’s best not to dwell and, to instead, to live in the moment. 

‘Take It Slow’ starts with a calming guitar and slow, melodic drums, setting up for the big burst of energy and sound once the chorus kicks in. Once that chorus does kick in, it conveys this dreamlike state Kyle and Bleach Lab are known for. The similar style of this track to their previous work keeps listeners familiar, and the consistency in the quality is also present, as ‘Take It Slow’ seems like a culmination of last year's EPs rolled into one.

A more positive message overall compared to older tracks by Bleach Lab, ‘Take It Slow’ keeps their impressive record of conveying meaningful tracks with personal stories. The way Bleach Lab uses this aura of elegance from their guitar and drums sounds so foreign from these instruments' traditional sounds. A testament to Kyle and Bleach Lab's ability to create unique, thought provoking music that leaves people wanting more.

Let’s hope ‘Take It Slow’ is only figurative and there is more to come soon from Bleach Lab.


George Spearing


Image: ‘Take It Slow’ Official Single Cover


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