Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Wyldest channels ‘90s alt-rock in striding new single ‘Tin Foil Girl’

London-based Wyldest, aka Zoë Mead, drops new track ‘Tin Foil Girl’, taken from her upcoming new album ‘Feed The Flowers Nightmares’ which is set for release on September 9th via Hand In Hive

Taking inspiration both sonically and visually from ‘90s rock, Zoe crafts an infectious and cathartic listen.

Wyldest released her debut full-length, ‘Dream Chaos’, in 2018. In 2021 she released her second album ‘Monthly Friend’, which was written, mixed, and produced by herself, reflecting her empowerment as an entirely self-sufficient artist. Back with a new body of work, ‘Feed The Flowers Nightmares’ is set to be a heavier addition to an already-impressive catalogue of releases. 

‘Tin Foil Girl’ begins with a classic, pounding drum break, before adding intricate layers of guitar feedback and oscillating delays. It is reminiscent of ‘The Bends’ era Radiohead, as each element of crafted melody is then contrasted with a layer of dissonance, which keeps the arrangement engaging.

Zoë delivers the killer chorus “I wanna have a party with my body.” It’s an instantly decisive hook, with the production getting bigger and even more distorted guitars and saturated beats. A personal highlight of the track is the Roland Juno-esque synth hook in the outro - yet another impressive sonic detail.

The music video encapsulates the euphoric sense of alternative nostalgia using skate culture, fish-eye lenses, and Nike sneakers. Yet it doesn’t feel pastiche, and instead, Wyldest feels like she belongs in this era, both aesthetically and musically.

Fans of rock from Lauran Hibberd to Pavement will find joy in Wyldest’s ‘Tin Foil Girl.’

Euan Blackman


Image: Eva Bowen

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