Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Pale Waves release new toxically romantic single ‘Jealousy’

Some may see it as ridiculous,” says Pale Waves front-woman Heather Baron-Gracie, “but I love a bit of jealousy – not too much, but just enough… I want jealousy in a relationship because it shows me the person only has eyes for me and me only.”

This comes after the recent release of their new single ‘Jealousy’ for their upcoming album ‘Unwanted’, out August 12 via Dirty Hit. It’s the latest single, the follow-up to 2021’s ‘Who Am I?’.


Speaking about the album, Baron-Gracie continues: “It was really the only thing this album could be called. It’s bold and unapologetic, and that’s what the Pale Waves community is about. We don’t need to fit a perfect mould, we don’t need to apologise for being ourselves, and we won’t change for anyone. That acceptance is what connects us.”


And this single certainly has those familiar bold flavourings, unapologetic in its brashness. It is a reminiscent track, savouring all the favoured characteristics of previous Pale Waves works, combined with a new insatiable intensity. 


The track comes to us in the middle of the band’s tour dates with 5 Seconds of Summer, and it certainly seems to be a successful summer for them, with BBC Radio 1 naming ‘Jealousy’ as their Hottest Record.


The anthemic track explores the darker sides of love and jealousy, triumphing in romantic devotion and obsession. It’s effortless in its style, showing Pale Waves’ penchant for stylised alternative rock. One may suspect that inspirations are drawn from the likes of Alanis MorrissetteThe Kills or Avril Lavigne with its mixture of brazen lyricism and high-driven pentatonic riffs.


The song pinpoints all the familiar naggings of love and love lost, to the point where an ex-partner’s old pictures or previous lovers drive them insane.


The song is simplistic in its tendencies, allowing the solo to become catchy and infectious, but not much beyond that. It fits the tune any jealous individual may need to belt out, yet hopefully not the best Pale Waves have to show us. 


Hopefully it promises some exciting works that will be showcased at their many, many, (many!) festival appearances this summer. Appearances include, but are not limited to, Neighbourhood Weekender, Community Festival, Y-Not, Kendal Calling, Boardmasters, and Reading & Leeds. They will also headline Live at Leeds: In the City 2022. 


Maia Gibbs 


Image: ‘Jealousy’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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