Saturday, July 16, 2022

Ordinary // Colours set the mood with their first single ‘Pacific Division’

Hailing from the Great White North, newcomers Ordinary // Colours are currently based in Toronto.

Pacific Division’, is the first release for this outfit, and is a sincere and valiant effort on their part, that sets their sonic signature moving forward. 

On their Soundcloud page, Ordinary // Colours describe their sound as “Mid-fi, bedroom rock, with sounds like the ocean breeze drying your tears”.

Kicking off with a punchy intro, a repeated electronic riff is accompanied by some sharp and snappy drums, immediately catching the ear of the listener. The main instrument of this track is then introduced, with high-pitched and echoing bells dominating instantly, setting the counter melody for the eventual vocals which are added into the mix around the thirty-second mark. The bells add a calming touch, with the vocals slow and emotive. 

Beneath the bells, a rather gentle acoustic guitar can be heard, helping to guide the track and adding a softer edge. Although the mix is rather linear in its structure, there are more lively instruments added as the cut progresses. The electric guitar and bass, lend some variety, stopping it from becoming monotone and widening the overall sonic scope. 


The lyrics speak of leaving your hometown to follow a lifelong dream, only to find that it is not all that it is made out to be. Life can sometimes not pan out exactly how we would like, and that is not always a bad thing. I think this sentiment is expressed thoughtfully and creatively in this track and gives a real insight into the writer’s mindset at the time of the creation of this single.


The production on this track is well done, all of the instruments seem well balanced and play their own roles in creating the overall sound. In places, the vocals do seem to get lost within the mix, however, as the bells can be rather loud and overpowering at times and could’ve possibly been turned down during the singing. This is the only gripe within the production, as the levels and effects are used tastefully and not overdone.


Ordinary // Colours’ first release has given plenty for their audience to enjoy in this four-minute-long track. There is a calming sense about this track, with gentle vocals meeting floating, laid-back vocals and upbeat sonics. Both lyrically and sonically deep, this is a brilliant start to their discography, and this track is the perfect way to hit the ground running. 


Dan Jones


Image: ‘Pacific Division’ Official Single Cover

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