Monday, July 25, 2022

Nix Dadry Doles Out Commentary In New EP ‘The World Goes Round’

It seems as though there is no shortage of reasons to be disheartened recently. And what does one expect when times such as these present themselves? Social commentary.

Nix Dadry’s newest EP ‘The World Goes Round’ is chock-full of said social commentary, laced with rock influences, big arrangements, and simultaneously sparse production. It’s a success all around.

A Midlands-born artist, Nix Dadry finds his influence in genres such as blues, folk, funk, soul, grunge, and alternative pop. He strives to take back music for those who have something to say.

 Starting strong with ‘First World’, the song begins slowly but quickly builds to a chanting back and forth between male and female vocals. This swaying between the vocalists almost works to symbolize the dichotomy between wealthy superpowers and developing countries, which is the topic of conversation on this track.

Suicide Sunshine’ meanwhile feels more personal but fulfils its goal of ‘saying something’. This tune comments on our quality of life, or rather a lack thereof. It is brought to crescendo with a wailing guitar solo which becomes the main characteristic of this EP. It’s a surprisingly upbeat song considering its rather dark lyricism and this contrast makes for an interesting track.

The next song, ‘Sidewalk Beggars’ plays on a common narrative in punk and rock: namely, that we are all puppets being controlled by those higher up. That being said, the imagery is not heavy-handed, nor is it tiring. In fact, it acts as a stimulant of sorts, riling up the listener to reclaim the life they could be leading. This track features another tastefully delivered guitar solo that carries a bit of 70s-rock flavour.

Papillon’ is the most delicate of the songs featured on this EP. Presumably, the careful arrangement of the song was chosen to reflect the name (butterfly in French). It also, however, highlights the soft sadness of the story it tells. Dadry takes his time in ‘Papillon’, which enables a fully-fledged narrative for listeners to enjoy.

Closing with ‘Sputnik Sweetheart’ was an excellent move on Dadry’s part. This song holds the most melodic interest accented by a nice, full arrangement. ‘Sputnik Sweetheart’ is the most listenable track on the EP and wouldn’t be out of place on rock radio or a Spotify playlist. Again, we see Dadry take his time building this song which makes for a very enjoyable and drawn-out instrumental finish to the EP.

Ultimately ‘The World Goes Round’ is a success on all fronts and listeners should keep their ears open for more commentary coming from Nix Dadry. ‘The World Goes Round’ is out on all streaming platforms now.


Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘The World Goes Round’ Official EP Cover

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