Sunday, July 03, 2022

Mura Masa take on 2000’s classic with ‘Hollaback Bitch’

Alexander Crossan, best known by his stage name Mura Masa, has dropped the latest track from their upcoming album ‘Demon Time’, set to be released on 16th September. 

Mura Masa’s discography has garnered them Grammy attention for its interesting fusions of pop and hip hop into their electronic music production. 

The latest in the swathe of releases this year is ‘Hollaback Bitch’, a grooving club bop with heavy noughties inspiration.

‘Hollaback Bitch’is not the first release Mura Masa has dropped with Shygirl, as the pair worked together on ‘bbycakes’ with PinkPantheress and Lil Uzi Vert. This time Shygirl appears alongside the clean rap verse of Compton-raised Channel Tres. The track puts a new spin on Gwen Stefani’s classic ‘Hollaback Girl’, with Shygirl’s chorus: “Won’t be a Hollaback Bitch”, paraphrasing the iconic “Cause’ I ain’t no Hollaback girl”.

Again, Mura Masa has shown their ability to shape their sound around the artists they work with by showcasing their strengths. Tracks like ‘blessing me’featuring Pa Salieu and Skillibeng, or ‘Deal Wiv it’ by Slowthai show this sonic range. 

In the case of ‘Hollaback Bitch’Masa fuses so many elements of the 2000s, through pop, R‘n’B, house and hip hop but still retains a uniquely contemporary spin. This perfectly complements Shygirl’s nu-club sound and Channel Tres’ hip-house influences.  

Annie Hackett


Image:‘Hollaback Bitch’ Official Single Cover

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