Thursday, July 28, 2022

Lissie showcases melancholy melodies with new single ‘Night Moves’

Reaffirming her presence as a modern classic, folk-rock legend, singer-songwriter Lissie has released ‘Night Moves’, the newest single from her upcoming album ‘Carving Canyons’. 

Channelling the soulful strength of Stevie Nicks to the backdrop of summer solstice, ‘Night Moves’ teases the singer’s upcoming album with promises of serotonin-fuelled singles to make the soundtrack for your year. 

Combining acoustic melodies with raspy vocals, 'Night Moves’ provides a raw vulnerability to feelings of heartbreak, confusion and longing through its searching lyrics. 

“The way the night moves / Makes me think of you” or the aching “Was it ever true? / Or was it just a dream? (A fantasy)” being the heart-wrenching refrain that echoes with raw power.

Despite the signer’s recent exploration of softer acoustic covers, ranging from The Chicks’ Cowboy Take Me Away’ to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’, 'Night Moves’ indulges fans with an insight into Lissie’s journey of self-discovery and fragile recollection, providing an opportunity to hear the singer like never before. The repeated questioning of the lyrics, searching for closure and solace whilst trapped in “déjà vu”, creates an introspective layer to the artist’s catalogue and differentiates the single from her previous work. In welcoming us to join her questioning, the ecstasy of shared experience allows listeners to heal their heartache collectively and feel less alone in their own “fantasy”.

After a glowing first single release, ‘Carving Canyons’ is set to become one of the highest anticipated folk-rock album of the year. 

Alanya Smith 


Image: ‘Night Moves’ Official Single Cover

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