Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Get lost in the wonder of Katherine Nora’s new single ‘Bloom’

Get the alarms set and the pre-saves ready because ‘Bloom’ is about to blow up, set to be released on the 29th of July 2022. 

Katherine Nora is for fans of Maggie Rogers, Norah Jones and Laura Marling. Although this is Katherine’s sophomore single, she has already been around the block. With performances alongside the likes of Frank Turner and co-writing credits with the likes of Lorana, she is now beginning her own musical journey… and what a debut single to start with.

Co-written with Thiago Jorge and produced by Joey Walker, ‘Bloom’ blends intricate vocals with acoustic strums to create a melancholic sound reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s work. The song tells a story of the beauty of the outdoors and is a polite reminder of the delicacies we have come to ignore. 

‘Bloom’ is dainty, elegant, and graceful. The tone of Katherine’s voice is a thing of beauty and her lyrics do this justice. “I hope this feeling lasts more than two seasons” is a lyric that encapsulates the imagery surrounding the song.

This song is a thing of beauty. Taking your mind into a state of euphoria and flux for 3 minutes and 50 seconds, ‘Bloom’ is going to be the stepping stone for Katherine Nora.

“There are a few releases coming for this project, and so I think part of the reason I chose to release ‘Bloom’ as the debut single is because it sets a good foundation for what’s coming, both lyrically and sonically. It’s also loosely tied to spring/summer in its themes, [so] it felt like the right time of year to release it. And finally I love it, so [I] was just really excited to get it out!”

A happy, hopeful Katherine is kicking off her musical repertoire with ‘Bloom’, and as her career blooms, her debut single will be a constant reminder of the talent on show. 


Dan Smith


Image: ‘Bloom’ Official Single Cover


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