Sunday, July 10, 2022

Effy puts herself on the map with her adrenaline-fuelled debut EP, ‘Not Yours’

Finding herself amongst an exciting cohort of up-and-coming female electronic artists, London-based DJ and producer Effy has firmly made her mark over the last few years. 

Bursting onto the scene in early 2020 – right as club culture faced its worst threat in living memory, may seem like insurmountable odds for many new to the game, but for Effy, this period brought new opportunities. 

Her recently released debut EP departs from the softer, house-infused sounds of her earlier productions in an altogether grittier package, spanning acid techno, breakbeat and bass with some melodic influences still intact.

 The eponymous track ‘Not Yours’ found its inspiration in a sense of ownership for female identity within the electronic music scene and the beat behind the message is no less powerful. A flurry of 16th note snare rolls mimicking gunfire immediately sets the angsty tone and high intensity of the track which carries unrelenting brutality throughout. A punchy kick on the downbeat accompanies industrial percussion before a more delicate and erratic synth pattern takes hold. The lead synth then follows Effy’s tried and tested formula, building energy through a deep and aggressive acid line that swells to an ecstatic breakbeat climax. As with ‘Run It’, a track co-produced with Mall Grab, there is a definite nod to The Prodigy here.


Having previously collaborated with Mall Grab on the track ‘FMG’ last year, as well as joining him on the bill of a range of U.K club nights, it’s fair to say the duo have a highly compatible sound palette and an astute understanding of the core ingredients of a no-nonsense banger! To Effy’s admission, however, ‘Run It’ was “totally unplanned” and developed organically after Mall Grab put some drums and bass to a chopped-up vocal sample she’d been “sitting on for ages” (Niamh Ingram, Mixmag). The result is a distortion-heavy, wobbly bass track with a thumping kick, alongside tribal percussive elements – straight out of the Mall Grab playbook! Add to the mix another belting acid synth line from Effy and suddenly, you’ve got yourself another winner from the pair.


The longest track of the release, ‘Trip to Reality’, has a more dynamic feel to it. Delayed vocal samples and open hi-hats are gradually joined by an old-school trance-like synth and growling acid bassline, giving a feel of deep hypnotic techno that slowly unravels as the kick chugs away. At 140 bpm, there is a real peak-time driving quality about this tune that compels you to move.


The EP is a showcase of Effy’s production talent but her final track ‘Vexed’ takes a wholly different directional approach from the other three, contrasting their hi-octane acid leads with silky smooth ambient textures, a euphoric melody and bouncy rolling drum patterns. A fitting conclusion to the release, it combines eerie synth pads, manipulated vocal samples and sci-fi effects to create a gorgeous experimentalist atmosphere —perfect for at-home listening or club nights alike!


Effy’s recent critical acclaim from the likes of Pete Tong and Mary Anne Hobbs stems from the high-energy, club-ready sound she’s crafted during a time when warehouse raves seemed like an all too distant memory. Her latest EP certainly hints at an increasing focus on these darker and heavier corners of the wider electronic genre. Above all, it demonstrates the rising star’s versatility as a producer and reminds us she’s one to keep an eye on.


Oliver Hockings


Image: @Ivana Escalera


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