Thursday, July 07, 2022

Biig Piig is playing with jungle and DnB infused pop on her first drop of this year, ‘FUN’

The sound of Biig Piig’s new release ‘FUN’ continues her genre-blending sonic direction, following tracks such as ‘Switch’ which dropped in 2020. 

Dropping as Radio One's hottest record, the song is undeniably energetic and bouncy, evoking the sound of DJ and producer Nia Archives, blended with Biig Piig’s indie and alt-pop origins. 

The futuristic, rave-inspired cover art offers the perfect visual counterpart to this sound. But despite its club energy, the lyrical content is more melancholic, telling the listener a story of being fed up with childish arguments in a relationship: “You always take the piss / Wind me up / Is that fun to you? / Is that fun?”

Biig Piig, who is Irish, currently spends much of her time in London and has grown to be an underground hero in the alt-pop and indie scenes, making a name for herself both as a solo artist and also with her work with NiNE8 Collective

Her recent collab with NiNE8 founder Lava La Rue on soulful banger ‘Hi-Fidelity’ shows the range and depth of Biig Piig’s sound. We can undoubtedly expect to hear a continuation of this rave sound from her in the future, and it will certainly be exciting to hear how she continues to transcend genre binaries in future recordings. The wait continues for the release of a full-length LP from her.

Annie Hackett


Image: ‘FUN’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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