Saturday, July 09, 2022

Bessie Turner immerses and entices her audience with ‘It Was Nothing’

The Suffolk-born singer-songwriter Bessie Turner has recently recorded her latest single called ‘It Was Nothing’. 

Although being relatively new to the music scene, she is certainly making her voice heard on the thriving British indie landscape. 

The song starts in a gentle fashion with the vocals and an eerily delicate blend of sounds which gradually build towards a crescendo, expertly setting up the chorus. 

The opening lyrics ‘’Looking back on fun times ago / We never knew quite what we wanted but we just wanted to see the world’’ points towards youth and relationships that have reached their expiry date in one aspect or another. It speaks about life as though it is a rollercoaster where people hop on and off along the way.  

The track ends in an abrupt manner with Turner repeating the phrase ‘’It was nothing’’ in the final chorus followed by a cheeky laugh to bring the music to its conclusion. The rising indie artist has already had domestic success by achieving airplay on stations such as BBC Radio 6 in addition to performing at several festivals including Reading, Leeds, and Latitude.  

Her latest single has already received great reviews from her growing fan base across the country and fans will be eager to hear the new material in a live setting. With the festival season about to get underway, it is well worth following Turner’s social media pages to stay up to date with new releases and upcoming gigs. There are shows scheduled at Latitude, Standon Calling, and Victorious to name a few – so save the date and head on down for anybody who may be in town.

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'It Was Nothing' Official Single Cover

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