Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Paolo Nutini returns with new sound on ‘Acid Eyes’ and ‘Petrified In Love’

After an eight-year hiatus, Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini returns with new music that explores a more modern sound. 

He ditches his usual funk-pop influence for a fresh new indie-pop sound that appears more on-trend. ‘Acid Eyes’ and ‘Petrified In Love’ are two of his latest releases from his recent single ‘Acid Eyes/Petrified In Love’.

Having reached number one in the UK album charts in 2009 with ‘Sunny Side Up’ at the age of twenty-two, Nutini then went on to take a five-year break before returning with next album ‘Caustic Love’ in 2014. 

Nutini has always had a very distinct sound with his raw, husky vocals and clear classic funk and soul influence. However, with his latest releases, we see a change in sound as Nutini tries to explore something that is more contemporary but still maintains that element of experimentation and heartfelt lyrics, in true Nutini style.  

Acid Eyes’ starts slowly and quietly with Nutini’s soft vocals taking centre stage. Forty seconds into the track, the beat picks up slightly but maintains a sense of melancholy which is intensified by the lyrics and the chilled tempo. Within the first verse, Nutini sings “It’s like you swallowed my heart”, encompassing that all-consuming toxic love that he explores throughout the entirety of the song. The constant repetition of the chorus further demonstrates the heartache that is divulged. The track holds an indie-pop origin whilst still capturing that sombre, melancholic tone that the heartfelt lyrics and Nutini’s soft, despondent vocals perfectly encapsulate. The lyrics “as my memories were melting in the sun” shows Nutini reflecting deeply on the dissolution of a relationship.

‘Petrified In Love’ is a complete juxtaposition to ‘Acid Eyes’ as it explores a special infatuation with another love. On his Spotify page, Nutini claims to be influenced by the works of Steve Nieve’s particular brand of skronk. This track is far more upbeat than the previous and has a more jovial feel to it whilst still holding onto that indie-pop sound. There is also a slight nod to rock music of the 60’s with the likes of The Monkees seeming to be of influence. Similar to ‘Acid Eyes’, Nutini once again plays around with constant repetition of lyrics to get his message across, which seems to be his new flair. The adoration and infatuation in this track is also displayed in lyrics such as “Never lonely, two hearts in the night” and “My one and only, the light pours right in and out of / you / Right onto everything I do”.

Musically, ‘Petrified In Love’ sees Nutini experimenting as a drum solo hits just over two minutes in and is then followed by an instrumental segment with a distinct guitar solo. The music feels more playful and buoyant here, right down to the small guitar riffs throughout and the organ playing during the chorus. Whilst he has strayed from his usual musical motifs, it is clear to see from this track that he still has a passion for playing and mixing with different sounds. 

Nutini is set to tour later on this year after the release of his new album ‘Last Night In The Bittersweet’, which is due July 1st. If these two new releases are an indicator of what to expect on the new album, it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 


Aneesha Kalia


Image: ‘Acid Eyes/Petrified In Love’ Official Single Cover



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