Thursday, June 23, 2022

Morning Trips return with catchy new single ‘Where Is Your Out?’

Self-acclaimed "progressive pop" band Morning Trips have put out their first release of 2022 ‘Where Is Your Out?’ in anticipation for their upcoming EP later this year. Comprising of Logan Clinkingbeard (bass and keys), Noah Townsend (percussion), James Amos (guitar) and Brady Lynch (singer), the band have created a melting pot of genres in their releases with a distinct sprinkle of indie. 

Originating from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the project was birthed by Lynch and his solo exploration of producing demos on a laptop after later uniting with the rest of the members to create Morning Trips. Speaking with Buzz Music, the band stated that they "are making music that people of all walks of life can find solace in". 

Loud and upbeat, ‘Where Is Your Out?’ attacks the senses as it explores the deliberation of a relationship and whether it is worth pursuing or not. This is evident in the lyrics “Do we cut ties / Do we sit tight for sure”. The track has a clear influence from the pop-punk/indie scenes from the early 2000’s with a new feel that is brought by the use of autotune and synths to create that obscure ‘atmospheric pop’ that the band aim to achieve. 

Completely DIY, the track feels meticulously composed to portray that sense of frustration in the relationship that is being depicted. The bridge is specifically compiled of a string of single words as opposed to full sentences such as “grossly / endorsing / forcibly / contorting” to exude that sense of angst and frustration that is felt in the relationship. This is further enabled by the loud music, strong drumbeat, and oscillation of soft to energetic vocals. 

Morning Trips are truly a breath of fresh air on the music scene as they aim to combine different sounds that cater to a wide range of listeners. This latest release only sets high expectations for their upcoming EP. 


Aneesha Kalia


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