Friday, June 03, 2022

Jeremey Engel Unearths The Soul of Rock ‘n’ Roll

The award-winning French-born; Dublin-based singer-songwriter Jeremy Engel has delivered his latest single called ‘Tell You Ma'’ - embellished with the raw spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, the track takes the audience on a trip to the glory days of the ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll era while simultaneously fusing it with a modern blend of pop-rock. 

The single was recorded at Windmill Recording Studios in Dublin and is available to download and stream from multiple online platforms including Spotify. 

The soaring vocal melody in the chorus combined with Jimi-Hendrix-inspired guitar licks, chops, and improvised drum fills, blows the cobwebs off a glum, rainy day, and immerses the listener into just over three minutes of escapism, enthusiasm, and a notion that light always emerges from darkness. The song starts with an improvised drum fill before the guitar and vocals eventually join for the first verse.  

The first line of the song ‘’See the world and don’t know where it’s going / Do you ever wonder why?’’ is more of a rhetorical question and offers both a sobering and pensive tone to a multi-cultural audience by pointing towards the current state of the world from a variety of aspects. The song steadily reaches a crescendo towards the outro of the song with the dynamics increasing gradually before grinding to an abrupt halt at the end.  

The music is captivating, intimate, and tells a story that is simply far more real than what may have been initially thought. Since 2020, Jeremy has released several songs and this tune in particular showcases his song-writing and singing capabilities in abundance. The song is well-worth downloading and following his social media pages allows fans to stay in touch with new releases and upcoming gigs in Ireland and beyond.  

Antony Bailey  


Image: Official 'Tell You Ma'' Official Single Cover

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