Saturday, May 28, 2022

Vandals of Hearts Provide a Masterpiece of Art-Rock on Blissy

The 60s’ have always been a time of musical innovation and inspiration for modern day artists. Whether it be the pop of The Beatles, the blues of The Rolling Stones or the break-neck rock ‘n’ roll of Led Zeppelin, there is no shortage of reasons why the era still lives on in the mind of music lovers.

James St. Thomas, a British singer-songwriter behind Vandal of Hearts, is one such fan. Thomas is, however, a man of the world and such influences can be heard throughout Blissy. 

A blues-driven riff kicks off the track, before reverberating piano chords and a rolling bassline to match drive the song forward. Blissy appears to be an ode to the sounds that get James St. Thomas through a day. “Music gets me high / Don’t get me wrong drugs do too / But I’ve never thought about being through with Music” Sings Thomas, in a visceral reflection of what only true music lovers know: nothing is better than a good tune. 

The song crescendos into what can best be described as a walk-through of multiple genres via the strings of a guitar. From South American Jazz inspired lines to gothic 80s’ licks, it’s Thomas at his best and most evocative.  

Vandal of Hearts are certainly an exciting act, and their music takes multiple unexpected turns in what is just a 3-minute track. With that in mind it’s easy to see why Thomas himself calls their approach to music as ‘an art form’. If the canvass is their music, then the guitar is their paintbrush and on Blissy they may well have just painted the new Mona Lisa. 

James Ogden 

Image: Blissy Official Single Artwork 


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