Sunday, May 08, 2022

PRTLND Solidify Ireland’s Hold On The New Post-Punk Era

Dublin has fast become a hotbed of angst that is flashing life back into the once floundering post-punk world. Bands such as The Murder Capital and Fontaines D.C. in particular are sending shockwaves across both the Irish Sea and the Atlantic with their often-aggressive brand of brooding post-punk music. 

It’s a scene that the Irish capital hasn’t enjoyed the likes of since U2 and My Bloody Valentine stormed the post-punk era of the 80s’, ending with both finding a healthy niche in the zeitgeist of music lovers around the globe.  

It's no surprise then, that PRTLND, also hailing from the city, continues the rich vein of form that has been coursing through the streets of Dublin on his excellently dark latest single – ‘Burnt Out’. 

The track commences with a gloomy guitar riff laced over a simple yet effective drumbeat that allows the song to continuously trudge forward under the weight of its own bleakness. It is not, however, a bleakness that feels utterly devoid of warmth, it's more a continuation of the angsty and angry melancholy that has become synonymous with the Irish music scene of late.  

The tone in the vocal performance is understated, only adding to the apathy felt throughout ‘Burnt Out’“Words don’t matter to me / What do you want me to say? / We’re burnt out” sings PRTLND, in a manner that highlights the utter exasperation he feels within his situation. It only adds to the intriguing nature of the track, as it almost seems to peter out before it fully begins, although this only added positively to the mysterious and gloomy nature of the track 

PRTLND himself was born in France. Fontaine, in French, translates to spring or perhaps more aptly, fountain. If Fontaines D.C. are the spring from which the incredible Irish post-punk music scene has sprung, then PRTLND is a fountain that takes its water from said spring. However, to those who drink from the PRTLND fountain, it does not matter where the water comes from, all that is important is how fresh it tastes, and with ‘Burnt Out’, it certainly quenches your thirst. 

James Ogden 

Image: Burnt Out Official Single Cover 

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