Friday, May 13, 2022

L.A Based Collective Fear Release Immersive and Evocative EP

L.A.-based Alternative rock group Collective Fear have released their five-track EP called ‘Foster’. Recording took place at Candlepin Records and spans twenty minutes in length; catering to all music lovers of the ever-fluid and evolving rock genre. 

The band are relatively new to the music scene, but they have started with a bang as their sound has successfully made its way across the pond as they enter unchartered territory. ‘White Gloves’ is the first track on the list, and it begins with sixteen bars of a straight 4/4 driving beat which pounds the chest and engages the audience.  

The fuzz of the electric guitar approaches the song in a subtle way before eerie vocals enter for the first verse. There is a vibrant shift in the chorus that pushes the dynamics even more, lifting the audience on to its feet.  

‘Part of The Plan’ is the next track on the EP and has no difficulty stirring emotions. The vocals are eerie and are almost inaudible for the duration of the song and the music is unnerving at times with indications that something far more sinister may be occurring beneath the surface of what the audience hears. 

The third track of the EP is called ‘Victimless Crime’ and there is a similar vibe to this song in terms of a driving 4/4 beat and the haunting vocals which at times leaves its audience guessing what the frontman has said. It is not the type of song to sing along to, but more to immerse oneself into the sound.  

‘Novocain’ is well-worth adding to the playlist as it leads its audience down a corridor of uncertainty while the lure of the hazy guitar riff lends both a sense of wistful and sobering sense of reality. The band’s sound is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ LP with the hazy psychedelia evoking the past of alternative and psychedelic rock.  

The final song on the EP is ‘Thanksgiving Day’ and the frontman depicts an image of loneliness or abandonment. The lyrics ‘’And you're gone just like a parade’’ portrays an image of instability and the notion that nothing lasts forever.  

These guys are already developing a budding fan base across the Atlantic so be sure to follow them on their social media pages to stay tuned to their latest releases and upcoming gigs.  

Antony Bailey 


Image:'Foster' Official EP Cover

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