Sunday, May 29, 2022

Fleeting persuasion reveals the best and worst sides of humanity in their new single

James Spencer Harrison’s recent enterprise Fleeting Persuasion has recently released the new single 'Night Arrives', with vocals by one incredible singer Danielle Loughnan.

Being first shared on Youtube on 8th May this year, listeners have been raving about this latest single, and the ease it has to be put onto a playlist and listened to over and over again.

As a truly magnificently produced track, James Spencer Harrison lives up to even the wildest expectations from fans around the world, towering over them in a symbolic musical triumph.

The song opens with a repeated, simple guitar riff that allows listeners to be led into the song smoothly and softly. The music is poignant yet tranquil, encouraging all to hear the more established, rich, and dense sound that people agree transformed Fleeting Persuasion's music after 2017. A beautiful, drawn-out sound follows with the lyrics, accompanying the bittersweet melancholy sound of the instruments. 

Towards the middle of the song, the tempo ever so slightly picks up, furthering the dynamic feel of the new single. Meanwhile, the lyrics “You made it feel like there was nothing more/ left to do than hit the ledge and fall” encourage listeners to hear the pain in the voices and the desire for love and comfort that the lyrics yearn for. Immediately after, the line “got straight back up” repeats twice with an identical musical accompaniment, allowing listeners to what the importance of resilience in the song; a sense of hope is felt in becoming determined and building oneself back up to their former glory. 

This new single really appreciates the dire struggles the world faces through other people and generic issues and the way that humanity has no choice but to be prepared and resilient in the face of adversity. 

Abby Price 


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