Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Experience ‘True Romance’ with Oh Wonder’s latest single

‘True Romance’ is the latest and third single to come from Oh Wonder ahead of their ‘22 Make’ album release due July of this year. 

The band, made up of couple Josephine and Anthony Vander West have been writing, recording, and producing their music together since 2014 and have released two singles so far this year.

‘True Romance’ is a dream-like track filled with beautiful moments of pure romance. The soft intro, filled with electronic riffs and Josephine’s voice coated in distortion, leads us into the track. It boldly announces, “I’m in love with you / it’s something humans do / I’m in love with you”.

Anthony’s voice soon joins Josephine’s and it goes without saying that their voices compliment each other in the most natural way that this song feels as though the listener really is listening to true romance. This is evident through all parts of the track, especially over the repeated “I can’t take my eyes off you / no I can’t take my eyes off you”.

‘22 Make’ will form the second half to their 2021 album ‘22 Break’, an album they wrote together about their near break-up during the pandemic. With tracks such as ‘Fuck It I Love You’ and ‘Magnificent’ being released as singles, the direction of this album is already telling a very different side to the story seen in ‘22 Break’- instead of documenting their almost break-up, ‘22 Make’ follows their path back to each other.

‘True Romance’ certainly doesn’t hold back in declaring their re-found love for each other, as through the pre-chorus they sing, “you make me feel alive / wanna give you all myself tonight”. Swelling strings build during the pre-chorus, wrapping the listener up in the couple’s declarations of love before fading away for the chorus. Softer drums jump in in their place, accompanied by gentle piano that mirrors the couples desire to dance together: “I wanna dance with you / I wanna dance”. 

Oh Wonder’s new album, ‘22 Make’, is due for release on 22nd July which you can pre-order here.

Robyn Hill


Image: ‘True Romance’ Official Single Cover

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