Friday, April 08, 2022

‘Watch The Rain’, a daydream tune from Maejis Mind

Maejis Mind, a solo alternative music star formally known as James Beasley, has dropped his single ‘Watch The Rain’. Almost seven minutes of bliss, as if time is obsolete, you just fall into his music and lyrics. 

The instruments drift along as if they’re a first language to the artist. It’s peaceful and poetic. There’s a freeing feeling to the music like everything is the most natural it can be, even down to the artwork. The tune of the song is calming but catchy, it’s a total stuck-in-my-head melody. As the vocals fade, we are brought into this daze of mixed sound and instrumental that can’t help but feel like a dream.

Similar to artists such as Teen Daze, there are minimal vocals which in a way help you to drift away and give the opportunity to make what you want of the song. His voice is effortless and smooth, almost like spoken words. 

Maejis Mind described this latest release as a ‘somewhat different direction’ for his music, possibly referring to the slow down of the tune. There is a definite relaxation to most aspects of ‘Watch The Rain’, compared to earlier tracks the individual components are more of a set construct. There is a calmer creation and an obvious change in tone for his current production.

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: Official ‘Watch The Rain’ Single Artwork

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