Friday, April 08, 2022

Sun Smash Palace release hip new single ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’

Sun Smash Palace are expanding from Luxembourg’s indie scene reaching a wider audience. The band started in South Korea, forming in 2019 and after playing various concerts in Seoul, they ventured into the music scene of Itaewon and Haebangchong. Their groovy guitar sounds and dynamic rhythms with choir harmonies in the background, is fantastic and provides that feel-good summer atmosphere, just in time for the season. 

The infectious character of this song is optimistic and cheerful, beginning with a blues-sounding bass, moving into rather warped guitar riffs and finally a smooth vocal element is extremely pleasant and refreshing to hear.


Full of nostalgia, honesty, and emotion, the addictive melodies of ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’ and sunny beach rock vibes help to produce a distinctive sound that mixes old and new. Heavily influenced by The Beatles and The Growlers, the single shares similarities with the sounds of Spacey JaneHockey Dad, and Sticky Fingers. Their quirky, chilled beach rock vibe is evident through the melodic guitar riffs and catchy, addictive chorus. Notably, the interludes within the song are unique and one of a kind, especially when the song slows down and then proceeds to develop into a groovy, head-bobbing beat. 


An eccentric and unconventional single that contains elements of old-school guitar riffs and alternative beach rock. This indie-rock track reminds us of those warm summer days, contributing to the chill and adventurous sounding aura created from the single, making it perfect for any beach time soundtrack or playlist. 



Ciara Fearn 

Image: ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’ Official Single Cover 


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