Saturday, April 09, 2022

Rainy season comes to end after Superorganism's new release 'It's Raining'

Open your umbrellas because it’s been tipping down since Superorganism’s new hit ‘It’s Raining’ dropped March 30th. The track features the edgy Stephen Malkmus of Pavements and The Jicks, and UK artist Dylan Cartlidge

The multinational five-piece anticipates the release of ‘World Wide Pop’, which will be out on July 15th under Domino Records. ‘It’s Raining’ melds the avant-pop style of MGMT with their own well-known synth effects and a little bit of kookiness straight from The Libertines’ lines.  

The band originally consisted of eight members living in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. EmilyRubyRobert StrangeOrono “OJ” NoguchiTucanHarryB, and Soul met online in music forums and through mutual friends. They then moved to London and decided to live together in the same apartment, with the exception of Soul, who’s residing in Sydney. 

Each member layers the production behind ‘It’s Raining’ in their very own way—OJ’s R&B vocals are mixed with Harry and Tucan’s snazzy medley of drums and raindrop sounds. Finding balance in such a multi-faceted band is not a piece of cake. But Superorganism does this effortlessly, giving each member the chance to express themselves to the fullest. 

The ‘It’s Raining’ music video sees OJ, Tucan, Harry, B, and Soul embark on what appears to be a bullet train tour. In illustrations designed by Tokyo-based illustrator Risa Kazama, the glowing quirkiness of Superorganism is unmistakable among the greyness of the clouds and coaches.  

In September, Superorganism will start their ‘World Wide Pop’ Tour, from Amsterdam to Boston and Santa Fe. Remember to bring your raincoats just in case it’ll hose down. However, the forecast says that the sun will soon be back as Superorganism starts to play. 

Martina Bovetta 


Image: 'It's Raining' Official Single Cover (PRESS) 

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