Sunday, April 17, 2022

Prove You Wrong Are Here To Prove You Wrong About The Desert On Latest Single ‘Get Out Of My Head’

The American desert has, since the 90s’ at least, been a place renowned for stoner rock. Queens Of The Stone Age are almost certainly the main reason for this.

Josh Homme’s outfit are synonymous with the Sonoran desert, the wilderness that the band both hail and take inspiration from. 

Yet, just a few miles down the road in Yuma, Arizona, an outfit called Prove You Wrong are trying to change that perception. 

Fronted by Alex Munoz and supported by drummer Doug Feasal, the duo from the desert are an antithesis to what their surroundings have been famous for producing, and they prove it on their latest track ‘Get Out Of My Head’. 

Kicking off with reverbed, fast-paced drums before distorted, almost satanic guitars are soon joined by Munoz’s grizzly vocals. ‘Get out of my head / You’re driving me mad’ bellows the singer, in a range reminiscent of Soundgarden’s late and great Chris Cornell, a compliment on Munoz’s incredible voice, which is used in a surprisingly understated way throughout the song. 

No metal song is complete without a lizard-brained solo and Prove You Wrong are more than happy to oblige as squealing tones throttle the song into full 80s’ hair metal territory. The solo is as frantic as the song, however, under the fast-paced nature of the song is a duo of extremely tight and talented musicians. The drums are always on point whilst the previously discussed vocal performance is profoundly good, yet also matches the vibe and feel of the track – being both energetic and understated. 

Prove You Wrong may not have re-invented the wheel on ‘Get out of My Head’, but they have certainly shown that the desert isn’t just the playground of stoners and Josh Homme imitaters, it’s also home to some exciting old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, with a touch of metal sprinkled on top. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Get Out Of My Head’ Official Single Cover 

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