Sunday, April 10, 2022

Live Review: Spacey Jane at Manchester Academy 3, 07/04/2022

Spacey Jane played their sold-out 250th gig at Manchester Academy 3 and it was magnetic. The atmosphere was delightful as everyone waited in anticipation for the band to appear. The music venue was packed full of fans and the support was from Morgan-Harper Jones who played some lovely acoustical guitar tracks. 

Their first time playing in Manchester after Covid, frontman Caleb Harper stated “our parents are losing their minds that we’re across the pond”. The Australian band wasted no time in getting stuck in, with their high energy stage presence – Spacey Jane were stomping around and thrashing their instruments that the audience adored. 

The band seem very close and good friends which reflects extremely well on stage and through the fluidity and rhythm of their music. The simple yet effective lighting of the show was excellent in drawing attention to the band, backgrounded by caged light bars that alternated colours from red to blue, covered the band in a light that seemed like an icy, cool blue that complimented the sweet Australian beach rock sounds.  

After a few loud, crowd-pleasing, jumpy songs, the band introduced a few more slower singalong songs such as ‘Sawteeth’, a personal favourite and ‘Booster Seat’. Caleb led the way looking very much like Freddie Mercury with a tight white singlet, while bassist Peppa Lane, who joined the band in 2019 bounced around the stage. Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu played unique guitar riffs and moves that added energy and flair to their stage presence as a band. The trio rocked out and the atmosphere was electric as the hits kept on coming with one of their most well-known songs ‘Feeding The Family’ sparked a joyful singalong from the crowd. 


The carefree, indie-rock tracks sparked joy throughout the crowd and positive energy seems to emulate from them. Their astounding performance is definitely something to see, both excitement and a newfound appreciation for the return of live music were clearly built up amongst the crowd from the beginning of the evening. Their mellow yet loud and thundering presence and sound is unusual, impressive, and mesmerizing, you can see just how passionate the band are by the way they play and how in-tune each song sounded.  


It is clear that Spacey Jane’s absence on the road has been missed as they appear to be in great demand selling out most of their UK dates. The tracks are considerably much more forceful and energetic than they are on record, which isn’t a bad thing at all. You get the sense that Spacey Jane are only just beginning their road to success and are destined to achieve so many more great things. It’s obvious to see the reason why Spacey Jane have become such a household name throughout Australia and are definitely destined for the same across the UK in the near future. A band to watch and it’s not even worth asking whether they worth the wait, as they absolutely were. 


Ciara Fearn

Image: Ciara Fearn

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