Monday, April 04, 2022

Alice Low Sheds Light On Personal Heartbreak Through A Graphic Lens

The up-and-coming Cardiff-based artist Alice Low recently released her new single titled ‘Rim Job’. Despite the vulgarity the song title might suggest, the track is far more unpredictable in the sense that it leaves its audience unsure of itself as it touches on topics that can lead to an overwhelming sense of insecurity.    

The single can be downloaded and streamed from multiple online platforms, and it comes with a music video that can be viewed on YouTube. You will see Alice herself dancing alone in a nightclub as she sings along to her own tune. Despite the title leading its audience down an erotic path, the song touches on insecurities and the aftermath of a loving and caring relationship that ended abruptly.   


The track starts with a synth and a slow techno backbeat to provide rhythm before gently fading to accommodate the vocals which at times almost sound inaudible, so it is key to have a critical ear when listening to the music. The outro sounds like an intended technical fault in the mix from the production desk, and it ultimately adds to the emotional tension felt throughout the piece. Think of the ending to 'Hate To Say I Told You So' by The Hives when listening to the conclusion. 


The message is heart-breaking, as it touches on the aftermath and insecurity inflicted as a direct consequence of a broken relationship, but it is delivered in a way that leaves its audience wondering what the message behind the music truly is. The title alone is sure to generate interest amongst music lovers not only in the UK, but around the world, as Alice shares her personal woes of falling in and out of love.   


Fans will be eager to hear the song live as Alice is set to embark on her Welsh tour which is due to commence on 8th April at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. If those dates aren’t suitable, be sure to follow her social media pages to stay in the loop about new releases and upcoming gigs over the course of the year.   

Antony Bailey 


Image: Official 'Rim Job' Single Cover

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