Friday, April 08, 2022

Cian Downing releases electric new single ‘DON’T GO AWAY’

Based in East London, 21-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist Cian Downing is making memorable riffs and electric sounds. Celebrating the release of his new single ‘DON’T GO AWAY’. Featuring lots of catchy melodies, guitar riffs and addictive choruses.  

Inspired by The JamArctic MonkeysPaul Weller,, Cian Downing injects his songs with pleasant, electric elements of ‘60s soul music. 

There's definitely an overriding '80s British Mod impression flowing through the track with belting atmospheric beats, that add to its character. Basing most of his songs on real-life experiences and current events in the world, allows his music to be relatable and honest, in a subtle way. The playful bassline and pulsing rhythm oozes diligence and skill, with a slower tempo in parts, further adding to a more laid-back attitude that this song projects. The star of the single for me is the incredible guitar riff that interjects the vocals at various points and makes it all the more appealing and compelling to listen to. 

His new single is preppy, optimistic and informative. The track's heartfelt honesty brings joy to those who listen. Downing is definitely an artist to watch as he demonstrates his vocal depth and versatility with this new single, accompanied with stunning guitar riffs. He conveys a cool, unfazed mood that is executed with precision and taste. There's nothing greater than when an artist writes from his heart, with honesty that catches our attention and forces us to engage. 


Ciara Fearn   

Image: ‘DON’T GO AWAY’ Official Single Cover 


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