Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Wallis Bird Creates a Moment of Peace on Ethereal Track ‘The Power of a Word’

Irish singer-songwriter Wallis Bird has proven herself a force to be reckoned with on her latest track, ‘The Power of a Word’

This is the second single from her highly-anticipated seventh album, ‘Hands’, said to be her “most personal and experimental” (via Spotify). 

The atmospheric, otherworldly track spans genres and demonstrates serious lyrical prowess, blending powerful imagery and gorgeous musical elements.

As the title suggests, ‘The Power of a Word’ explores the importance and permanence of language on others. Bird says of the track, “Words are sacred. They are physical and chemical. Take a moment to think about the words that are being used in your surroundings right now. Their consequence, their power? It matters…” (via Facebook). The track is steeped in rich imagery, with lyrics such as “‘Trust me’ is only words until I show you you can feel it / Feel it like a blanket on your skin”. The verses illustrate how important words can be, discussing their permanence, their power to change everything, and the impact lies can have. The chorus hones in on the significance of trust being earned rather than just showing up in empty words. 

This song exudes tranquil energy, warmth, and safety, creating a safe and transformative space for the listener. Of the song’s atmosphere, Bird writes, “I wrote it with the intention that it would feel like an embrace of safety, of walking towards complex relationships and situations with an open heart and patience” (via Spotify). 

Eerily pulsating synth, drums, and bass underlie the track, providing the foundation for Bird’s quietly intense vocals to shine. The verses open with understated instrumentals, placing Bird front and centre, before widening in the chorus with twinkling piano, expansive drums, and a hint of horns. The first chorus winds down into an ethereal instrumental break that layers horns, hazier synth, and piano to create a transformative atmosphere. 

The second verse keeps the intensity that has been building, but the second chorus abruptly drops into a moment of a capella with simple accompanying harmonies before slowly adding back bass, synth, keys, drums, and horns. The music subtly builds and then fades, leaving Bird completely unaccompanied for the final line, “Till night and day have melted into one.”


“The Power of a Word” is a moment of peace and significance that will transport listeners to a place of quiet reflection. If this track is any indication of what’s to come, Bird’s upcoming album ‘Hands’ is sure to be her most powerful work yet.

Bella DeSouza-Cook


Image: ‘The Power of a Word’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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