Friday, March 25, 2022

Walk into the ‘Fever Dream’ with Cannons

LA electropop trio Cannons has made some serious waves these last two years, from hitting almost 20 millions streams on Spotify to having numerous songs featured in TV shows from Lucifer, Never Have I Ever and Ballers and even being used for the theme song for Kyle and Kendall Jenner’s brand Topshop.

From forming back in 2013, the group has continued to transfix fans with a series of singles and independent albums. 

Now the group has released their first album with new label, Columbia Records, and it’s filled with glossy guitars, cinematic synth, and evocative lyrics threaded together with poise. ‘Fever Dream’ recalls warm memories, the bliss of a perfect moment, and gaze towards a brighter tomorrow. From start to finish it feels like the perfect soundtrack to a teen movie that takes place in a beach town throughout the warm, romantic summer. It’s alternative and electro pop, 80s vibes are kissed with spellbinding instrumentals and captivating lyrics.

The listener is sucked right into this atmospheric album with ‘Come Alive’. From the opening beat the whole song feels like sunshine, like a warm loving beach day. As Michelle Joy’s voice repeats “I’m dreaming of you” in the chorus, it feels like walking right into a dreamy nostalgia for the early 2010s tumblr vibe. Fading into unwavering transparency that is ‘Hurricane’, a captivating single about causing the destruction of loved ones. The song is laden with a groovy bass that Tame Impala fans would love, and alluring, soothing vocals that have fragility to them with those heartbroken lyrics.

Changing vibes a bit with ‘Strangers’ that feels a bit more disco, where listeners will “get lost in the sound” indeed. Another drastic change with ‘Tunnel of You’, opening with an almost country riff and fades into dreamy synth and trumpets.  It definitely feels like falling down a tunnel into a new atmosphere. The album returns into the hypnotic dreamscape of smooth, synth tones with the single ‘Bad Dream’.

Now, if this album was a soundtrack to a 2010s teen movie ‘Ruthless’ would be the opening credits song, in vibe alone. While it sounds so happy the lyrics are heart crushing, this track is where that constant electropop dream vibe might hurt them because all the songs sound like they’re fun, even when they’re not. The lyrics here, being an absolute punch in the face, would be the falling action of the movie where the two main characters break up. 

‘Only You’ has a vibe that could be in Euphoria or in Twin Peaks and perfectly matches the melancholy lyrics. This track has a very Lana Del Rey ‘Born to Die’ feel about it. Following with ‘Goodbye’ takes a bit of a darker edge. However, the instruments here are almost drowning out Joy's voice. All of the sounds you’ve heard the whole album come together in this song and explode together. 

Returning to the fun, pop vibe with the single  ‘Purple Sun’. This track is so 80s, it’s like Madonna met Tears for Fears for a warm lighthearted world where reality and dream intertwine, sparking the desire to love and enjoy the moment fearlessly. Following that purple sun right into ‘Afterglow’ taking you on a trip to the sun with this sleepy tune. Perfectly closing with ‘Lightning’, the closing credits song for that 2010s teen movie. Its acoustic, sweet, romantic lyrics will have you envisioning red and pink twinkle lights.

Overall, every track feels like a fuzzy, warm, daydream but in an almost repetitive way. All of the instrumentation is so atmospheric - it’ll make you see disco balls and bright colors and is so perfectly complemented by Joy’s soft, raspy voice. The album feels like it tells a story of romance, heartbreak and happiness. Cannons is clearly on their way to success.

Hope Orr


Image: ‘Fever Dream’ Official Album Cover

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