Friday, March 25, 2022

Pennan Brae’s rapid racing single ‘Zulu’

Pennan Brae, the 70’s influenced rockstar has released his Spring single, ‘Zulu’ from his 11th upcoming album ‘Picked’

Accompanied by a racing fuelled lyric video, shot like a movie montage of crazy drivers, classic cars and old-school westerns, this component only adding to the craze and adrenaline from the track. 

The vocals are subtle and quick almost like an effortless low-toned whisper. The music and instruments seem to take control of the song. The guitar riffs are repetitive but hectic, an impression of mid 20th century rock and roll with a hint of current musical characteristics. 

With a few moments of instrumental, the lack of words fix the music with the visuals bringing them together as one. It gives the listener the chance to really absorb the talents of Pennan Brae and his skills portrayed through the electric guitar with an added aesthetic.

The video is shot like an old movie with the blurred picture and image flickers. The motions and movements of the cars perform alongside the music meticulously and the orange/yellow colours of the lens flares amplify the whole 70’s artistic era impact. Even for someone with the slightest interest in vehicle racing, the video does nothing but draw you in. It’s quick, exciting and a little bit wacky but it all fits in with the stylings of Pennan Brae.


Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘Zulu’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)


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  1. This is an excellent review of 'Zulu'. Full on rock & roll. Love it! Pennan Brae has made many great albums and I am looking forward to hearing 'Picked' when it is released.


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