Saturday, March 26, 2022

Pavement make a comeback with video for track ‘Harness Your Hopes’

Pavement have just released a new music video for their dearly loved B-side ‘Harness Your Hopes’ that was released on their 1999 EP ‘Spit on a Stranger’

With a summer tour set to begin in June, what better time than now to un-dust this old classic with the release of an accompanying music video.

In the video, Yellowjackets actress Sophie Thatcher features as a fan attempting to unravel the clues of what Pavement is. Giving a full 90s revival, the video offers a brief history of the band and their past music videos allows for a new generation to be introduced to their music and why they were so important back in the day. The video starts with Thatcher meandering through different music video settings from the past such as, ‘Cut Your Hair’, ‘Gold Soundz’ and ‘Carrot Rope’. This modern take on an old classic sees Thatcher attempt to find a word that rhymes with Pavement. 

Pavement’s indie guitar riffs combined with melodic vocals makes for their signature sound. Calling all indie, alternative types, Pavement have made their way onto the Spotify algorithm by going viral on platforms such as Tiktok. This exposure allows for the perfect opportunity to release an official music video for the track to give it a new lease of life. 

Harness Your Hopes’ will also be included on the Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal reissue, out April 8. 


Ciara Fearn  


Image: ‘Harness Your Hopes’ Official Single Cover 


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