Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, in Suki Waterhouse’s new track ‘Devil I Know’

Let’s be honest. everyone has wanted to be Suki Waterhouse at some point. She’s a Brit icon who has found success from a plethora of different talents. 

Her music career began in 2016, but at this time didn’t gain the traction it deserved. However, her recent releases ensure that this will not happen again. 

Her new single, 'Devil I Know,' shows her distinctive sound present and established and her musical journey ready to hit another level.

Suki maintains a laid-back, effortless vibe in all she does (which has come across and rooted well in her music) with the tune feeling somewhere between the dream-pop style of artists such as Lana Del Ray and Mazzy Star and an almost alternative country/rock style that has hints of artists such as Orville Peck. The track gives the sort of energy that feels like it should be accompanied by a glass of whiskey in an old-fashioned American bar (even though whisky is objectively disgusting). ‘Devil I Know’ is a sultry and predominantly acoustic track that enters with guitar and what sounds like a Cajón beat, setting up the raw soulful sound that is present throughout and matches well with Suki’s soft-rock tone.

Promoting the song on Instagram, Suki has described that “'Devil I Know' is about going back to what you know when it’s bad but it ~feels~ good / stream to exercise your right to your demons”. 

The lyrics see her description of this lucifer-type lover, who she just can’t bring herself to let go of regardless of the negatives singing that “Back in hell at least I’m comfortable." 

The satanic semantic field of the song is present in the verses with the song beginning "God, you got the blackest eyes," look at all you want / I smoke out your darkest side / "Can't turn water into wine," / Never asked you to / So is it your place or mine?”.

Suki approaches the lover with regard that has a religious feeling to it, a tie that goes beyond normal interpersonal relationships, and enters the realm of spiritual singing: “Need your body where my fire's cold / In too hard, I'm gonna stay faithful / To the devil I know, the devil I know.” Everybody is a sucker for the "so bad it’s good" sort of relationship whether you’ve been there yourself or you stuck around for all six seasons of Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl. Suki has successfully taken this story and made it a chilled indie number. 

The song is a testament to Suki’s progression as a musician, the solidification of her distinctive sound, and assurance of more quality musical material to come.

Francesca Riley


Image: ‘Devil I Know’ Official Single Cover

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