Monday, February 14, 2022

Suki Waterhouse teases new album ‘I Can’t Let Go’ with dream-pop single ‘Melrose Meltdown’

Suki Waterhouse’s new track is a 60s Americana ballad, of youthful heartbreak and insecure malaise. ‘Melrose Meltdown’ truly shows Waterhouse’s self-proclaimed obsession with “old-fashioned dreams”, with Lana del Rey and nostalgic love song characteristics. 

It is if the track was sung through a Kodachrome lens, with alternative rock licks, downbeat melodies and bleak lyricism, it is definitely reminiscent of Hollywood sad core. All incredibly interesting from an English songstress, not only with distinctive London routes but a reputation as a Br-IT girl. Waterhouse’s globe-trotting career and social butterfly ways, appear as definitive influences throughout. 

It’s a twinkly-sounding song, made for slow movie montages and driving open-top mustangs to. The story is carried along with an ethereal wave and shoegazing styles. 

Her girlish timbre carries along sympathetic proclamations such as “nobody ever breaks up, we just break down” and “Too sad to go to the party, It's a crime loving you so”. Her pain certainly appears stylish, tailor-fit for California pool gatherings and A-lister parties, which makes one want to cry glamorously instead of uglily.  

When Waterhouse spoke to NME last year, she said that she “had all these things I’ve never spoken about that I felt like I had to tie up before I go into my thirties”. And this single is certainly a tribute to the heartbreak and pain so unique to someone’s 20s – of insecurity, attachment, detachment, and confusingly new pain. 

‘Melrose Meltdown’ is definitely an exciting foreshadowing of all these pre-thirty memories Waterhouse will present in her upcoming album ‘I Can’t Let Go’. Out April 22. 

Maia Gibbs

Image: Suki Waterhouse - Melrose Meltdown Official Album Cover (PRESS)

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