Saturday, February 26, 2022

Mimi Webb has brought the flames with her new single, ‘House on Fire’

Mimi Webb is no stranger to producing super catchy, relatable love songs, so, it comes as no surprise that her new single ‘House on Fire’ follows suit.

 Emerging with the power of TikTok and taking the charts by storm, the twenty-one-year-old has shown us the ups and downs of young love as her new track sees her serving up revenge to a cheating ex.  

 Mimi lays out her plans to take karma into her own hands to dish the cheater precisely what they deserve. Planning her pyrotechnic payback to perfection, Webb does everything from befriending the chief of police to changing her name; giving the cheater a taste of their own medicine and covering her tracks seamlessly. The lyrics speak to those feelings that come with a betrayal that saw Carrie Underwood digging her key into the side of her ex's four-wheel drive and that signed John Tucker's death sentence.  


The lyrics are accompanied by a punchy tune that differs slightly from Mimi's previous pieces which took on more of a ballad style, such as last year's hit ‘Dumb Love’. The differing style reflects the sassy attitude of the song’s narrative, whilst still carrying Mimi’s distinctive sound, with her strong beats and distinctive tone. 


The powerful lyrical story and the addictive melody make the single a dead set anthem for belting in the car with your best mates – condemning all cheaters and liars that have dared to do you wrong.  


Francesca Riley


Image: ‘House on Fire’ Official Single Cover


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