Monday, February 21, 2022

I Am The Mountain releases the beautiful genre bending ‘Overthinking Conversations’

Hailing from the great white north, Canadian indie rockers I Am The Mountain’s latest single ‘Overthinking Conversations’ is deeply introspective, delicately exploring some of our deepest fears and anxiety regarding overthinking and self-doubt.

This almost eight-minute-long epic features silky, choral horns, dancing bass lines and screeching, emotive guitar riffs. Punchy drums set the pace on this cut, with crashing cymbals and hard-hitting snares adding to the many crescendos in this track. 

This song almost has a life of its own, with the instrumental allowed to ebb and flow as it pleases. It is slowed right down to a ‘rolling stop’ at times, before flourishing back to life, with the entire mix kicking back in.

At these certain ’rolling stop’ points in the track, the delicately raw vocals and lyrics are paired with the aforementioned electric guitar riffs, punchy drums, and bass lines. This creates a goose-bump-inducing, beautiful marriage of lyrics and instruments, reaching a crescendo, before jumping back in with the stripped-back instrumental line.

The production of ‘Overthinking Conversations’ is also solid. No instrument overpowers the other as all instruments, including vocals, are identifiable and equally present, allowed to adequately add to the mix.

Eight minutes is a long time to fill, with most tracks being easily half this length. I Am The Mountain has filled eight minutes with a stellar single and created a perfect example on how to keep a listener’s ear.


Dan Jones


Image: ‘I Am The Mountain’ Official Single Cover (Press) 


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