Wednesday, February 16, 2022

‘Dance like a Tory’ but don’t act like ‘em – the new single from Professor Green

Breaking news. Professor Green has taken aim at Prime Minister Boris Johnson with his new biting disco single ‘Dance Like A Tory’. Rumours have it that nobody could resist to “Conservatively get down” with their little dances while clubs were shut to prevent the pandemic from spreading last May. “Nobody told me” said the Prime Minister after the Downing Street parties were declared against his own government’s COVID guidelines. 

London’s own Professor Green is as devoted to the cause as artists such as Tracey Emin and Cassetteboy. Green has finally given Brits the press conference Boris Johnson never gave after the Downing Street engulf, putting himself in the shoes and blue necktie of the Prime Minister in the ‘Dance Like A Tory’ lyric video (watch it now on YouTube). 

Born Stephen Paul Manderson in Hackney, Professor Green gained fame after being noticed by rapper Mike Skinner of The Streets fame. ‘Dance Like A Tory’ marks his return after 3.5 million in sales from his previous studio albums ‘Alive Till I’m Dead’‘At Your Inconvenience’, and ‘Growing Up In Public’. His new track’s satiric hook goes “Ain’t a party, it’s a work event / Ain’t a rave, it’s a work event” in Professor Green’s full-bodied and razor-sharp rhyme style. Green knocks Boris Johnson’s lack of empathy regarding the political and health-related situation that has been undermining the British public’s mental stability for the last two years. Green has also been raising awareness on the mentally taxing side-effects of the pandemic and has recently become the patron of the suicide prevention charity CALM.

‘Dance Like A Tory’ claims that the privileged politicians in charge of Britain are too busy counting spare change and thinking up face-saving excuses, when they should be running the country and fighting COVID through leading by example.


Happy belated birthday Boris, by Professor Green and us all.


Martina Bovetta


Image: 'Dance Like A Tory' Official Single Cover


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