Friday, January 14, 2022

Temperature falls release dreamy new single ‘Apology’

Temperature Falls are an emerging band comprised of Ian J Ward and Camilla. Hailing from Norway, the duo connected over their love of boom-bap style beats and psychedelic electronic music at a party, before deciding to head to the studio together a few weeks later.

Their latest effort ‘Apology’ showcases the pair’s love for their aforementioned musical preferences, with hard bass drums and eerie, electronic vocals taking centre stage.

Guided by a deep, driving bass like synth, and electronic drums, the key takeaway from this single is the vocals. Camilla is really allowed to show off her impressive vocal talent on this track. Her dynamic and almost whisper-like voice is enhanced by the addition of silky effects, which only adds to the dream-like nature of the cut.

Along with this latest release comes a music video, which thematically couples with the song perfectly.

Featuring what appears to be two lovers reminiscing about their rather tumultuous love affair, we are treated to some gorgeous backdrops of green, nature-filled forestry, and sunset-laden skies, all filmed with pleasing camera angles and shots.

This is a solid electro-pop tune, that really encapsulates the duo’s musical influences. A fresh and organic earworm, with some clever instrumentals and vocal enhancements. 

Dan Jones

Image: 'Apology' Official Single Cover

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