Monday, January 31, 2022

Snap Infraction Impress On Latest Release ‘Repeat Offender’

Philadelphia is more well known for its world-renowned sports culture, or the show whose title gives us a meteorological review of the city on America’s east coast. Rock ‘n’ Roll, however, has not been known to readily walk the streets of the famous historical town. Snap Infraction, with their latest offering ‘Repeat Offender’, are here to prove that statement wrong. 

Commencing with a riff that immediately harks back to Blue Oyster Cult’s seminal 70s’ hit ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’, before a snarling vocal proclaims “Allow me to make my entrance” – and what an entrance it is. The band, who have now released 7 singles throughout 2021, are more than happy to oblige when it comes to raucous guitars and punk ideals. 

The looping bass throughout the track adds some much-needed grove as the pounding of the drums create a visceral, toe-tapping sound. A chorus filled with falsetto backing vocals and surf guitar licks is a great antidote to the somewhat repetitive riff-laden verses, yet the real treat comes from the mid-track breakdown. Pink Floyd in their pomp would have been proud of the chanting, psychedelic vocals and organ paired with jangly guitars as Snap Infraction take us on an incredible detour. You feel like it hasn’t lasted long enough, but the screeching guitar solo brings the listener back to the rock ‘n’ roll track that the band have so delicately laid. 

As ‘Repeat Offender’ fades away, you truly get the sense you’ve been on a 4-minute rollercoaster ride through the back catalogue of decades of rock music. It’s no surprise that Snap Infraction have consistently released some of the most underrated alternative music this year, as they clearly have no problem pulling ideas from some of the world’s greatest artists. I just hope they can continue their fine run of form into 2022. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Repeat Offender’ Official Single Cover

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