Friday, January 28, 2022

Ladybird Get Sinister with Latest Single ‘Bludsuckers’

As they prepare for the release of their debut album ‘WE’ on 25th February via Alcopop! Records, Kent punks Lady Bird have finally delivered their third and final single in the form of ‘Bludsuckers’ and it is pretty sinister, to say the least. 

Following the success of their debut singles 'Infants' and 'Factory Fool'‘Bludsuckers’ sees Lady Bird ramp up the aggression and angst as they continue to unleash a world of expletives and mangled distortion on their fans. 

This latest release from Lady Bird opens with a thumping 16-bar drum beat that becomes the beating heart of the release. At the 16-bar mark, distorted electric guitars enter along with the vocals. 

The vocals in this track sit upfront and are direct with minimal processing. In front of the ripping guitars, the dry vocals deliver a grim message. The coarse delivery of vocalist Don Bird on this latest single is fitting and he is most definitely tonally consistent throughout the duration of the track. 

As listeners are dropped into the track Bird proclaims, “Bludsuckers, emotional vampires / Energy zappers, if you’re not careful they will come for you / Bludsuckers, head f*ckers getting stuck on / Rescuing others draining energy from lovers”. 

When asked about the song’s meaning, the band explained “Bludsuckers is a mild rant which offers guidance to victims who fall prey to emotional drainers, Bludsuckers are energy zappers who allow themselves to drain the support of their peers and offer very little in return.” 

At the 12-bar mark preceding the chorus, a splash of reverb is added to the backing vocals giving them an eerie feel as if sung in a haunted house. Bird also softens his delivery for the backing vocals. Furthermore, a rapidly flicking tambourine is played giving the track a real sense of speed. 

 Overall, ‘Bludsuckers’ is a refreshing release from Lady Bird, and perfectly sets the tone for their LP ‘WE’ which will be out on the 25th February, via Alcopop! Records. 


Isaac Semple 


Image: ‘Bludsuckers’ Official Single Cover (PRESS) 

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