Sunday, January 30, 2022

Edinburgh’s very own punk band, SALt, have released their enticing, catchy new track, ‘Tumbleweed’

Consisting of lead vocalist Sharon, drummer James, guitarist Robin, and bassist Simon, the band describe themselves as “powerful, broody, eclectic and dark”. 

Although ‘Tumbleweed’ is one of those songs where, on the surface, it is playful, expressive, and has a certain contagious groove, it definitely embodies this mysterious aesthetic. 

Upon listening closer to the lyrics, it’s apparent that the track discusses more complex topics: nostalgically reflecting on the past and longing for that time back which escaped so quickly.

The lyrics detail this idea best, stating “our lives are like tumbleweed / rolling down” and reflects the reminiscing and realising that life has all too easily and quickly passed by. SALt has the talent of exploring these​ complex, overwhelming emotions and putting them into an incredibly catchy song. 

The guitars make use of infectious inflections and demand attention with gritty distortion, allowing the vocals to seamlessly drape her vocals over the instrumentation as it develops. The vocals also have a more relaxed and emotive nature about them, as if able to physically hear the yearning. 

There are additional stylistic production choices throughout the song that demonstrates how SALt is particular and deliberate with their songwriting choices. Thinking beyond the main body of the song, SALt incorporates extra bits of ear-candy in order to take the track to the next level. For example, a dampening effect used to create an environmental atmosphere in the intro, and the filtered vocals over heavy grunge guitars in the outro. Not only do these small elements demonstrate the band's pride in their work, but also helps them to stand out against a mass of other indie bands and artists in the scene. 

The alternative four piece have built a strong local following over the years, having been together for 3 years and releasing an album and multiple singles within that time frame. ‘Tumbleweed’ has already proven popular with their fans, having been added to various Spotify playlists, and is sure to add more powerful energy to an already strong discography.  

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

IMAGE: SALt 'Tumbleweed' Official Single Artwork

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