Thursday, December 30, 2021

Vice Killer Show How They’re Ruling The Indie Scene With New Single ‘Heroine’

Following the release of their 'Alone, in This World' EP in June of this year, ‘Heroine’ is Vice Killer’s latest single yet, another triumph for the alt-indie four-piece. 

‘Heroine’ wastes absolutely no time getting into the main groove of the song. At the heart of it lies silky smooth guitars and uptempo drums which are introduced almost immediately. This cleverly gives the listeners barely any time to anticipate where the song may be heading, and instead unapologetically throws you into the rough and tumble of the mix.

Vice Killer deserve a huge round of applause for managing to stay inspired enough to create music in such unpredictable times. Instead of letting the madness and confusion dishearten them, Vice Killer have channeled this energy into writing energetic, cathartic music. 

Delivered through an incredibly catchy vocal hook from lead singer, Thomas Gilling, the song is definitely an earworm.

Lead guitarist, James Langan, has a lot to answer for as the aforementioned silky smooth guitar is maybe the most important element of the track. It seems to underpin nearly every moment of the song, seamlessly linking verse, chorus and bridge.

As the track develops it increases in its consistently bright energy, using more experimental guitar inflections and heavier drums in the final chorus to bring the song to a rightfully climactic end.

The indie scene is potentially one of the most saturated, tougher scenes to stand out in but it's fair to say that the County-Durham based musicians have made quite a name for themselves; having been featured on BBC Radio Newcastle and multiple playlists, it’s clear to see that they are definitely ones to look out for.

Heroine’ is a great example of what a well-balanced alternative rock song should be; it is rough and ready but tamed, lively but cool and collected.

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

Image: Vice Killer ‘Heroine’ Official Cover

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