Friday, December 17, 2021

Sunday afternoon in a song with Beans on Toast's new single

Beans on toast is the stage name of Essex born singer Jay Mcallister who has become a prominent feature of the UK Folk Scene. 

Following tradition, the 40-year-old is releasing his new album ‘Survival Of The Friendliest’ on his birthday, December 1st and ‘Human’ is the 3rd single to be released so far.

The track is introduced with the sound of his daughter's voice which sets up the wholesome tones enjoyed throughout.

The song is straightforward but delivers all it needs to through this simplicity. The folk singer describes the beauty of being a human and our curiosity of life, accompanied by very simple instrumental lines from a guitar, piano and very gentle drums. 

“Maybe that's what makes us human”- The chorus line of his new single ‘Human’ which encompasses the idea of the whole track which is filled with sounds of joy, hope and acceptance.

The music video, filmed in Blean Woods, sees the singer and his family having a day out in the woods and is the perfect visual accompaniment to the song. The combination of the track and music video has created an idyllic soundtrack to the joys of life and creates a perfect backing to your Sunday afternoon. 

Amber Malley


Image: Aaron Parsons

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