Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Snake Doctors Make a Valiant Return With 'Got Him Another Girl'

Known for their expansive back-catalogue of edgy and contemporary rock cuts, Poland's Snake Doctors are back with the delightful and daring 'Got Him Another Girl'. Taken as the fifth single off of their third LP 'Mellow Joy', the track embodies their classic rock elegance and offers a delectable glimpse behind the curtain of what the four-piece band has to offer.

Exploring the narrative of unrequited love, 'Got Him Another Girl' takes a unique perspective of the classic 'right person, wrong time' heartache tale. Complete with swirling electronic beats and punching vocals, the punk-infused basslines and roaring drums take heed from bands such as Happy Mondays and The Stooges.

Described by the band as "a simple rock song that sounds much like a mix of post-punk, 50’s and early 60’s songs", the cut offers a perfect blend of garage rock and Madchester infused stylings. The track highlights the band's ability to sweep across genres in an effortless, and almost enviable way.

To accompany the track, the band enlisted the aid of K-Pop dance tropes to envision a colourful and stylistic music video.

With three full-length LPs and fourteen singles under their belt, Snake Doctors are sure to be blessing our ears for an eternity to come.

Lana Williams


Image: 'Got Him Another Girl' Official Single Cover

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