Thursday, December 23, 2021

IDLES explore the duality of light and dark with new single ‘When The Lights Come On’

Bristol-based rock phenomenon IDLES have released their soul shuddering new single ‘When The Lights Come On’

Accompanied by a particularly unsettling midnight monochrome style video that allows all of our fears of the night to be realised.

As we journey through the track, we see the band exploring the fine line between light and dark, utilising a night camera and harsh torch-style light throughout the video, building an aesthetic that screams ‘Blair Witch’.

‘When The Lights Come On’ is the third song from their new album ‘Crawler’, and no doubt to fans' pleasant surprise, IDLES have yet again released a track that illuminates the sheer breadth of exactly what this band can do. Effortlessly juxtaposing humour and rage, and with an undeniable power struggle between inner conflict and the stark reality of our daily routines, it’s no wonder that ‘When The Lights Come On’ is yet another musical masterpiece.

With frenetic drum beats, disarming lyricism and the formidable growls of frontman Joe Talbot ‘When The Lights Come On’ helps solidify a deeper, more sinister understanding of today's youth… “A Narcissist On a  Khaki Stool/ The Kids Are Not Alright”  “I Shuddered Like I’m More Bereft/  Danced Grief From My Pores”.

With this unnerving new offering and in classic IDLES style, the band leaves listeners wondering exactly how far removed they are from the messages they perpetuate, and exactly how much of them they recognise in their own realities. 

The band has  a rotation of European tour dates lined up throughout January and February of 2022 which (to our dismay) every single one is currently sold out. No doubt the five-some will inevitably make the rounds again towards the middle or end of next year so here’s hoping for their fiercely loyal fanbase.



Felicity Giles 


Image: ‘When The Lights Come On’ official single cover 


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