Sunday, December 05, 2021

girl in red emphasises the difference between comforting and damaging in ‘I’ll Call You Mine’

Marie Ulven Ringheim, more commonly known as girl in red, is an artist acknowledged worldwide for her incredible talents in singing and song writing. 

Starting out as a bedroom pop artist, writing lyrics around ideas of romance and mental health colliding in any way imaginable, it is an understatement to say she has flourished into an admirable and inspirational artist and record producer. 

Described as a ‘queer icon’, she has certainly impacted the lives of so many listeners in the most amazing way.

Her single ‘I’ll Call You Mine’ is part of her ‘if i could make it go quiet’ album, released this year. It is another prime example of her exceptional talents, musically and lyrically. Beginning the song with a rhythmic drum beat and bass notes, immediately the artist comes in strong to please all listeners. The accompanying lyric “Sittin’ in the back seat / We’re drivin’ so fast'' reinforces this idea of rhythmic chaos and finding peace in the strangest and potentially most destructive things in life. Many of her songs are centred around mental health, therefore listeners can really hear the importance of comfort and company in the worst of times.

Whilst this may be the case, her title lyrics “Break me down / And I’ll call you mine” imply a reliance on something or someone damaging, which some listeners may be able to relate to their own lives. Too many times have people found comfort in pernicious circumstances, which Ringheim relays in a perfect way; people must begin to filter out the toxicity in life, and keep close those people or things that bring comfort. 

Her music is hugely successful, and her career continues its upward trajectory with this song. Rising to stardom so quickly is an incredible testimony to her talents; she influences communities and cultures around the globe. 

Abby Price 


Image: girl in red ‘if i could make it go quiet’ Official Album Cover

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