Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Abbie Ozard wears her heart on her sleeve on tender track ‘Grown’

Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Abbie Ozard reflects on a past relationship on her latest single ‘Grown’. 

Describing her music as ‘beachy' indie, ‘Grown’ is a slight departure from this, leaning more towards being a stripped-back bedroom pop affair.

Gentle piano notes and gorgeous vocal harmonies combine to create Ozard’s heartfelt and mature response to a break-up. Something about the track’s tenderness evokes the piano-led songs on Bill Ryder-Jones’ ‘Yawny Yawn.’

Twinkly keys introduce the song’s immediate lines, and there’s an underlying sense of mournfulness but Ozard is not embittered. This is emphasised in the stunning chorus, where Ozard sings: “Everything has changed / Time has come with age / And I hope that you’re still happy / And your heart’s still fine without me.” A chorus of Abbie's harmonies, with her effortless intonations being underpinned by a soft and breathy “ahhh.” There’s an air of nonchalance to the tune, as if Abbie is revealing an unfiltered side to herself, with deeply personal lyrics. Midway through the song, the tempo changes and the instrumentation builds, creating an uplifting atmosphere, as Abbie sings “You and me have grown.” In its final moments, ‘Grown’ returns to the stripped-back keys it began with, allowing Abbie’s voice to shine.

With ‘Grown’,  Abbie Ozard has added yet another musical gem to her ever-evolving discography.

Sarah Taylor


Image: Charlotte Rudd

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