Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Zo Announces The Release Of Her Voluptuous And Seductive EP Titled 'Dark Hallways'

Gina Castanzo, otherwise known as Zo, has embarked on her latest music project by recording and releasing a four-track EP titled ‘Dark Hallways’

Born and raised in Philadelphia, the singer-songwriter has always had a passion for showcasing her creative abilities. 

She once auditioned for the US version of The Voice at the age of 17, as well as delivering shows on the eastern coast of the US, alongside performing in London. Her EP provides a dose of sexy and sensual hard rock, which at times appears to be flawless in the way each instrument along with the vocals have been executed. 

The first song on the EP is called ‘Never Meant’. The drumbeat and guitar riff occasionally switch between ska, rock, and half-time rhythms. Additionally, there is a subtle fluctuation in dynamics which is brought on by a cross-stick pattern. This eventually builds into a crescendo where it reaches its climax and leads into the chorus. The lyrics ‘’I never meant for you to fall in love with me’’ underline the song’s significance; as heartbreak, lust, and eroticism combine for a raunchy cocktail of emotions. 

‘Cry’ contains a crackly/eerie intro which leads into a sudden dynamic eruption of heavy rock with all instruments playing in unison. The song alternates dynamically to complement each section of the song as well as containing musical interludes to piece each section of the song together. The track occasionally feels like a ballad as Zo is narrating a story about heartbreak and emotional dejection.  

‘’I wanna see you standing in my mind/I wanna feel you standing over me’’ is the opening line for the most erotic tune on the EP ‘All The Things I could Do’. The irresistibly sensual guitar solo pieces two different sections of the music together with a brief pause in between the end of the solo and the second section before Zo repeats the line ‘’All the things I could do to you’’ in the outro.  

‘Touch Me Before You Say Goodnight’ is the most romantic, passionate, and intimate track on the newly released record as it tells a tale of woe, rejection, and tainted love by falling for someone once believed to be anything but possible. The rhythm switches to a 6/8 meter in contrast to the first three track drift between a common and cut-common meter. ‘’What if I was the light in the darkest room?’’ is the rhetorical question continually put forward by Zo throughout the song.  

The EP ultimately sheds some much-needed light for an audience who have been walking through a rather ‘Dark Hallway’ without much sign of light. Be sure to stay in the loop for any future announcements over the course of the New Year. 

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Dark Hallways' Official EP Cover

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