Sunday, November 07, 2021

Yard Act Challenge Blind Ignorance with New Single and Video 'Land of the Blind'

Definitely a band like no other, Yard Act are a striking post punk outfit delivering cool and weird tune after tune ahead of their debut album due for release next January.

With sold out shows across Europe, if you haven't heard of them yet they are definitely ones to watch.

Full of attitude, cutting wit, and genuine quirkiness, 'Land of the Blind' is a fitting addition to their discography and a fun but poignant commentary on the current cultural 'sheep following the herd' mentality.

"Make no mistake / We are living our last days in the land of the blind". The lyrics poke fun while creating a clear message of frustration and distrust of people in power and the readiness of society to hang on their every word. 

The premise of a music video set in a café which is being hypnotised by a trickster illusionist is hilariously fitting. Produced with director James Slater, the stylistic black and white video shows unknowing patrons chanting lifelessly, moving their heads and their bodies at the will of the band's front man James Smith. Matched perfectly with the hypnotic groove of the repetitive drum and bass lines, the band seamlessly induce the listener into a trance, entertained by endless circles of melody and rhythm. The stand out high pitched guitar riffs add to the mystique of the track, keeping things interesting in an otherwise spiralling circle.

A killer track with a concretely original video, Yard Act prove once again with ‘Land of the Blind’ that they are not a band who care about keeping up with trends - in fact, they seem to be telling their audience to think for themselves and not let anyone tell you, even Yard Act  themselves, what to think.

Yard Act’s debut ‘The Overload is due in early January and you can catch them playing various European venues on their tour next Spring.

Aoife McMahon
Image: 'Land of the Blind' Official Single Cover

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