Friday, November 12, 2021

Rebellious Subsurfer Return With Their Latest Album Subversive

The alternative San Diego based quartet Subsurfer formed in 2010 and have been part of the reputable California underground surf scene for over a decade. 

Frontman and lead guitarist Dave Montalbano is known for writing lyrics to his songs as he surfs the waves of the Pacific ocean. 

The rest of the ensemble includes Barry Sinclair (Bass, backing vocals), Don De Oliveira (Lead, rhythm guitar), and Dave ‘DJ’ Janssen (Drums, percussion).  

Their latest album, ‘Subversive’ fits the bill by pushing the musical parameters of alternative rock music. 

It simultaneously undermines a tried and tested political system that has both overlooked and devastated the dreams of many belonging to the younger generation in recent years. Their Facebook page describes them ‘’As if Kurt Cobain surfed’’ in addition to delving into the realms of grunge, gritty, and muddy pop to create both a compelling and innovative album containing a mixture of multiple genres.  

With the record touching on current affairs, each track is bound to have a resounding influence on a wide-reaching audience as it touches the soul of anyone who can relate to having their wings clipped and being demoralised at a time when they are at the peak of their powers.

The LP gets underway in typical true rock fashion with a fast-paced tempo and hard-hitting fills to set a provocative and sarcastic tone which persists for the duration of the thirteen-song album. ‘’I had a good day’’ is repeated throughout the interludes and verses of the first track titled ‘Good Day’. The last line of the tune is ‘’If I had somewhere left to run / Ain’t going nowhere’’ to throw a little more cynicism into the recording. 

‘Bittersweet’ keeps the pulse racing with an increase in dynamics, a fast tempo, and a rhythm drifting in between a common and cut-common meter towards the end of the song. The lyrics offer some food for thought with ‘’Somewhere or nowhere / I walk with God’’ in the chorus. 

The sorrowful minor cadences in ‘Everything’s Ok’ offer a false sense of security as the lyrics imply not everything is as okay as perhaps once thought. The song suggests a psychological battle of to and fro with regards to uncertainty and indecision of not knowing what to do for the better. 

‘By The Sea’ maintains the cynical undertones as Montalbano sings of living a rather bitter and resentful life in his van by the sea. The track also shares a glimpse of what life down in southern California is really like. It appears the frontman is attempting to depict a sugar-coated reality with regards to surfing the waves and living a relatively carefree and laid-back lifestyle. 

Other songs such as ‘Wasted Youth’ and ‘Off The Rails’ epitomise the significance of the record in addition to outlining the challenges that has grasped that vast majority of the younger generation around the world recently. The repeated refrains ‘’We’re all wasted youth’’ and ‘’I’m going off the rails, off the rails’’ suggests history continually repeats itself in the sense that young people are often shafted, belittled, and undermined based on their education, appearance, and financial circumstance.  

Additionally, it typifies the reality of an elusive dream that continues to enchant many around the world. Is living by the sea as wonderful as so many have suggested over the years? Subsurfer’s fourth album would beg to differ as it attempts to challenge the political establishments that have oppressed the freedom of so many. 

The band's latest offering is bound to be popular over here in the UK and has already received a warm reception from indie fans up and down the country. Be sure to download this album and stay tuned to their Facebook page for upcoming shows and release dates over the course of the New Year. 

Antony Bailey
Image: 'Suvbersive' Official Album Cover

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